Eighty Years Old

Your thoughts, your feelings—your experiences

have resonated with me

have plucked a string of memory

and resounded a simple twang

a familiar, wistful pitch.

I remember the furtive act

moving into the warm

embrace of man—a man who lets me in,

a man I let inside of me—to the dark places,

washing over me, unexpectedly.

I am not all-knowing, but I do know this:

You are good. And you will be good.

You will rest softly in banks of glittery snow,

like an angel,

and the steady wind will cover your misery.

When you rise up to greet the morning,

the air that you feel on your tongue

becomes our air, whispering.

Your air is the same air as mine.


10 thoughts on “Eighty Years Old

  1. The second stanza resonated with me more than I expected when I wandered over here from the L. Palmer Chronicles. I guess I wasn’t expecting something quite so profound. That’s not to say that I understand every bit of it — every piece of imagery — but I understand the sentiment, I believe. You talked in another post about past sins, and the reminder here that you’re good and it’s okay all sounds very familiar. We all have regrets, we’ve all made mistakes, and we’ve all sometimes hated ourselves. Sometimes you have to let the wind drown out all that noise or so you can concentrate on the present.

    That’s what it says to me.

    It’s a wonderful poem, whether I took the right message away or not. I’ve tried my hand at poetry myself, but I just don’t think I have the mind for it. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from you. I hope you plan on posting more often in the future. I really enjoyed what you have here so far.

    • Ryath,

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful reflections. Yes, I think one of the messages I want to convey here is that everything will be okay. 🙂 We all need to hear that sometimes, don’t we?

      I’d certainly like to see you try your hand at poetry–I think you do have the mind for it. I’m going to hop on over to your blog and meddle now. 😛

      Take care,


  2. I’m not very eloquent, well, not nearly as much as Ryath, but I really lost myself in this poem.
    The idea that we’re going to be ok was a nice thing to take from it.

    Reading this makes me want to try and write more things that are happy and positive. It’s too easy to write the dark, maybe I should challenge myself.
    I appreciate the passionn behind these words, and I’m happy I came here.

  3. I, too, wandered here from L. Palmer’s blog. I have to say, this poem left me wanting more. And that’s a good thing! I’m not very good at poetry and I admire those who can write it so beautifully. You make it look easy – was it? Or did you take a long time writing it?

  4. Hey there, star wars. 🙂

    When I write poetry, I tend to be in the flow. If I have a poignant thought or feeling I’ve been reflecting on, I’m usually inspired to write about it, to express it, to name the experience and to feel the emotion. The flow comes from authenticity, I think. When I’m motivated authentically by something within myself, it feels natural as I write.

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