Past Sins

I feel, at my core, that one of the most egregious sins of the inner life is a lack of belief in oneself.

And I don’t use the word “sin” in a pejorative sense, but as a way to explain a separation, a dissonance. If that sounds judgmental or without compassion, it’s only because I have judged myself for past sins. And it appears that my Catholic upbringing is seeping into my present vernacular.


2 thoughts on “Past Sins

  1. I think this is really true – the hard thing is (is it just me?) I feel like there are a lot of influences in the world around us that WANT to separate us from ourselves. To leave you uncertain and looking for answers. The church, ad agencies, politicians. The last thing they want is a you with 100% grip on yourself and what you look like, feel like, want, need and think.
    I think that’s partly why it’s so hard to foster a healthy self assuredness and self belief.

    (I’m aware that my little rant about the church and the ad agencies makes me sound like Mel Gibson in that movie Conspiracy Theory/a hippy. Sorry)

  2. Yes! I agree with you, dougsan. It’s a bit reductionist to narrow my thoughts to the inner life, when it actually often points to a cultural pathology. I think my question is how to withstand those pressures and remain true to oneself in spite of it all.

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